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The protection against wind, sun, rain and snow that you were looking for. Live in your outdoor spaces all year round!
The utmost comfort for a space sheltered from the bright sun light,
heat, thermal dispersion and noise pollution
Match protection and comfort with a unique design and style

Our thermally insulated coverings are fitted with a revolutionary, patented multi-layered system called Stratustex®, that is exclusive to the LASP products. It guarantees our coverings the utmost internal comfort in all seasons and in any weather condition.

The specific composition of the Stratustex® layers ensures a drastic reduction in energy loss, thus creating a mild environment and allowing the covering to be climate controlled. Moreover, the Stratustex® system avoids the unpleasant and undesirable phenomenon of condensation within the covering.

The superimposition of the different layers makes the system more durable and resistant to the elements (wind, rain and snow), efficiently absorbs all bumps and stresses and sensitively reduces both outside noise (such as the rain falling on the roof and urban noise pollution) and inside noises, thus making the system suitable for residential areas.

Not only does the Stratustex® system ensures safety and comfort but it also proves to be an aesthetically pleasing element, thanks to the customisable decorative layer available in thousands of different colours and patterns. The Stratustex® system will endure the test of time because of its protective insulating layers.

Discover the advantages offered by the Stratustex®

Why choose Stratustex
Maximum energy saving
Excellent thermal insulation
Minimum use of heat sources
Fuel saving
No internal condensation
Excellent protection from UV rays
No air conditioning
See the difference:
Differences between traditional covering systems and our Stratustex® System
Comparison of the effects of time on the covering
Stratustex® Coverings Traditional coverings
The internal fabric will remain protected over time and in any condition
Traditional coverings
External dirt as seen from the inside of the covering

The transpiring fabric ensures a healthy and cozy environment
Traditional coverings
Presence of internal molds, as a consequence of condensation
Discover the advantages of the Stratustex®  
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